Battlestar Fan’s Car

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I wonder how long it’ll be until frak is considered a real swear word, and you can’t say it on TV or put it on license plate.


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    I wonder hoe long it’ll be until fuck is accepted as a nonsexual word, and when you can say it freely and put it on a license plate.

    Luke Magnifico

    Never, because no one takes BSG fans who actually say frack seriously.


    Why you son of a daggit.
    I can’t believe the feldercarb I’m hearing out of your mouth young man. Yaren ago we left Caprica with only an ambrosia in one hand and a fumar in the other, and we never used such foul language.


    “I’d rather be belly dancing”? Now that’s a bumper sticker I’ve never seen


    Frak has been around since the late 70’s, so if it isn’t taboo yet, I can’t imagine it ever will be.
    I read a few of the novels in the 80’s. Fave BSG slang expression from the books: “Ah, he’s just got a fly in his exhaust tube.”

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