Speeding tickets

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    Yeah, whenever they ask “do you know how fast you were going?” never answer because they don’t know either.

    Derp on my part.


    *Spoken in a Daniel Plainsview voice*

    “Your Honour, we gather today for the reason that i am alleged to have travelled at a speed greater than considered safe at the #time of #date; and while in this magnificent country of ours we are innocent until proven guilty, the burden of proof also lies on the appellant party; but with all due respect; i do wish to contest the officier’s judgment on that day”

    “I do hold firmly in my belief that, i had not travelled beyond the speed limit. i had no genuine cause to exceed #speedlimit per hour, I was not intoxicated and I did not use a cellular phone, there exists no factors that would hinder; my own judgment of speed.”

    “We are completely without the ability to judge speed precisely ourselves; while it is in human nature to err; it is noted that the instruments which we use are prone to inaccuracies at well. Take any scientific university research; and “mechanical inaccuracy” are always accounted for”

    “If it may please the court, i wish to cite these statistics obtained from #crediblesource. As it is shown, a varying fluctuance of 10~20% while stationary, and a hefty 30% margin of error in a moving vehicle. Evening if I was travelling at the #speedlimit of 50km/h 25mph/, this could show up anywhere between 5km/2.5miles over the speed limit.
    Taking in account of a slight tremble or a nearby speeding car, the stationary tests could be just as inaccurate.”

    “I realize that; as courts must prove beyond a reasonable doubt; both for the act that i am putting myself and other drivers in danger by going over the speed limit considered safe (actus reus); as well that i had an intention to do so and a reason to do so (mens rea); while this will not convict me of a felony; i seek to re-examine the validity the issuing of this ticket”

    “I rest my case”

    And i think i just summed up some what 8000 webpages out there on how-to-dodge-speed-tickets

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