Is God really fake?

Is God really fake?.

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    fucking owned!!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    My parents never lied to me about Santa. Even when I was two or three, my mom would tell me that Santa was only real as a symbol.

    No wonder you grew up to be a smartass scientist.


    So more of a “yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” version of reality?


    Ditto, but the reindeer got me some cool gifts.


    MWAH deserves to get SNIKT.


    What is photosynitis? Sounds like a DIZEEEZ.


    Its how they make photographs you dumbass.




    The amazing law of evolution seems about as likely as the infinite monkey theorem, where all the monkeys typing at random successfully code up all the laws of physics plus all the DNA combinations in the universe.

    fracked again

    Evolution is not physics…

    Evolution is not a law, but a theory. Mind you it is fact that it occurs and the theory is a description of how.

    Take those infinite monkeys and add a selection system. When a monkey manages to type a word, select it and conserve it. Eventually you get sentences, etc.

    Mutation is random. Selection is guided by the pressure to survive and reproduce.


    I think you’re missing the point of the Infinite monkey theorem. The Infinite Monkey Theorem states that given an infinite number of monkeys each sitting at a typewriter, and given an infinite amount of time, eventually the monkeys will write out the complete works of Shakespeare. The point is that random chance does cause things to happen… eventually. This is used to support the argument that eventually order will form out of chaos when there are biological organisms involved. So, eventually evolution will happen. There is no set description of how or why evolution will happen, or even what it… Read more »


    It was the best of times, it was the BLURST OF TIMES?!


    i like the new question spawned from that


    Man they really missed the point on this one…damn theists, running around letting their dogma crap all over the carpet.


    Seriously fracked again, marry me.
    Your students are lucky to have a prof who can make his point so clearly. Or her. I’m hoping it’s a him. Would make the marriage thing easier. But I’m Canadian, so it’s all good.

    fracked again

    Thanks. I’m a him, but married. Sorry but flattered. 🙂

    Maybe wife will agree to converting to fundie mormon…


    Ah, wouldn’t have worked anyway. I’m a misanthrope.


    Rednecks with internet. Niiiiiice…

    Dj. DreamStar

    OMG that made me LOL so hard made me jizz


    … so you love god? that’s what you mean?


    Her argument is flawless.


    Sometimes I’m simple stunned by people like this. Because something is complex it simple couldn’t happen by chance?

    Throw a bunch of Legos on the ground and notice the complex pattern there, surely this couldn’t have happened randomly, I mean what are the odds that every brick falls exactly to that place? God must have thrown them…maybe you’re god?


    Douglas Adams, as always, put it most clearly. He equated those people who think that god created the earth for us because everything fits together so well to a puddle thinking the hollow it fills was made by god to fit its shape.


    Man created God in his own image. If dogs were aware of mortality, God would be an Irish Wolfhound. If fish were aware of mortality, God would be a whale shark. Read Philip Wylie’s book, “An Essay on Morals.”
    He can express better than anyone else I have ever read why religion is nothing more than hoary, ancient bogy-man mumbo-jumbo and pseudo intellectual demagoguery.