An Atheist in a Foxhole

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Abstruse Goose


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    This is what walruses actually believe.


    I’ve had at least 3 near death experiences outside of wildland firefighting, and several with wildland firefighting. None of those times have did I suddenly go, “Oh, deities exist. My bad.” Mostly I thought about getting my squad out alive. Most of the other experiences happened so fast I didn’t have time to think, or I woke up in an ambulance. (That’s always fun).

    Maybe it’s different in a fox hole. I somehow doubt it.


    O U


    Lame. Nobody who argues for atheism is that level headed in real life. If you think that to be an atheist implies the “belief” in science, and to accept the big bang theory as truth… and you argue this point to other people as a “superior” way of thinking, you’re equally as much a loony as any religious extremist. Although I doubt there are any atheists who would happily kill for their beliefs…

    I do not believe there is a god. That’s it. This makes me a more proper atheist than 98% of those faggots doing arts degrees who think they’re superior to everyone else who thinks slightly differently. Yet I refuse to label myself as atheist, I can’t fucking stand it. I hate atheists as much as the bible bangers they go out of their way oppose. They’re equally as insecure, and are just as much trying to justify their meaningless existence to other people. I.e. it’s an act to make yourself feel unique, but you’re not. Just get the fuck over it. Atheists and their flawed logic are just embarrassing.


    “Athough I doubt there are any atheists who would happily kill for their beliefs…”

    Hahahahaha! Atheists are the MOST willing to kill – look at the old USSR or China for examples. Their purges to get rid of religion were as sweeping and barbaric as they were futile.


    communists didn’t kill for atheistic ideals; their goal was to _replace_ religion with communism…

    What purges to get rid of religion? The two big events were the “Great Purge” in the Soviet Union and “The Great Leap Forward” in China, neither of which had much to do with purging religion.

    fracked again

    Might I suggest, good sir, that you fuck off until you know what you are talking about? And in your labeling yourself more atheist than atheist, you only demonstrate that you are projecting your own insecurity onto others. Some atheists are obnoxious, and I would number you among them.

    There are more than one type of atheism. For instance, there are Buddhists, who are spiritual atheists, new age atheists that believe in everything supernatural except for a god, Stalinist and Maoist atheists who worship the state and its leadership in the manner of the Roman imperial cult, and then there are secular humanists who apply the scientific method to much of their day to day decision making. The last seems to be the ones that have tied all of your panties in knots while you weren’t looking.

    I do consider secular humanism to be superior to other ways of thinking. Otherwise, I would select a different means of thinking. In this way, I can always be correct. If I’m not, I change my mind so that I am!

    You cannot legitimately claim to be a more proper atheist than I any more than Fred Phelps can legitimately claim to be a more proper Christian than the Pope. The only defining characteristic is that atheists don’t believe in a god/s/ess/es.

    As for “belief” in science, I don’t believe in science as much as I practice it as a means of problem solving through careful experimentation and observation. I don’t believe in the big bang, but understand that there is evidence for the big bang, and more support for it than any competing theory. I also have yet to kill for Darwin, and rarely eat babies for breakfast.

    As for a meaningless existence, I give my life meaning. I don’t ask for that from others or from any godling.


    TL;DR dude, but I know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m cool with any belief anyone has, just as long as they don’t try to stuff it down other people’s throats. The fucking university student atheists are just as bad in this sense, as the people they try to oppose. Walk through any big campus, and more atheists will shove fliers in your face than any other group. This is half the reason I dropped out, all the self absorbed little shits who think they know what’s best for you. Maybe “more proper” wasn’t a good choice of words, but what I’m saying is I’m not deluded about it. The amount of time I’ve spent thinking about it is probably minuscule in comparison to you, it is a non issue to me. There is no god, my life is what it is. I say again, get the fuck over it.


    I’m seriously going to start stalking you. I’m packing a lunch just after I finish eating a baby for breakfast.


    So you’re better than atheists because you don’t generalize like they do.

    Got it.


    I’m an atheist in the sense of the word that I don’t believe in any great beings that have created us and that we all this magical purpose in the world.

    We just are, we die, that’s it. I don’t require Biblical reference no scientific evidence, because I don’t CARE.


    I do not believe in any sort of god or divine beings or anything like that…but I refuse to identify myself an atheist simply because most atheists are self-important, argumentative, intolerant douchebags 😀


    I’m with Dreth. I’m human. One day i’ll be dead. Until then, my only concern is keeping up with mortgage payments.


    So atheism is a bad word now, like feminism? So people believe in all the things that self-proclaimed atheists or feminists believe, and enjoy all the progress that has been made, and shared, by those same self-proclaimed folks, but fucked if they will accept the label?
    OK then, I will just call you whiney wankers.
    I’m not saying go buy one of those shirts they sell on Dawkins’ site (although I love him dearly), but if you believe in something, don’t be a coward about it.


    And I love Myth Busters.

    Dj. DreamStar

    that what we call a agnostic lady and gentlemen

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