Tommy Toilet says “Don`t forget to wipe your ass!”

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    “Change your underpants at least twice a week”
    Only twice? Dirty hobo


    ‘Zactly. I change undies, minimum, once a day; sometimes more.


    This is really old – I think from the 70’s


    Can’t make out the date on the copyright, but Robert Crumb’s style hasn’t changed much since the ’60s. Sans sauce, it’s anyone’s guess


    Crumb rules… Your Hytone Comix – R Crumb Copyright 1971 by R Crumb. Published by Apex Novelties. 28 pages. 7th printing. $0.75 cover price. Kennedy guide # 2285. 28 pages… all R. Crumb. Characters include Pete the Plumber, Mr. Natural, Horny Harriet Hotpants, and Stinko the Clown. The back cover is the infamous, “Tommy Toilet sez: ’Don’t Forget To Wipe Your Ass Folks!’” while the inside back cover is the equally infamous, “Stoned Agin!” page. These two pages were eventually published as posters and were two of the most popular posters of the day. Every hippie pad had one if… Read more »


    I’m so printing this out and hanging up copies in school bathroom walls.


    I saw this advertised in the Krupp Catalog back in the 70’s.