sexy gun slinger

sexy gun slinger

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    Obviously from Israel. Check out the Hebrew writing on the sign (under the English letters). Best part is, i see this kinda stuff all the time. Although you can tell she’s not a weapon’s instructor or anything; she has no scope and a “banana” clip (the way the magazine is sideways is the giveaway). Banana clips are mocked in the IDF by combat soldiers (like me) for being jobnik paraphanalia


    Banana clip? Looks like a standard 30 round mag.


    It looks like an AR-15. I guess I could insert the “Brings a new meaning to Bushmaster”, but I wont. Doesn’t even look like it is set up for an accessory rail.


    maybe the set up is spray and pray? 🙂

    tiki god

    it’s military, like PappaAbba mentioned above, they carry their weapons everywhere with them, due to the constant threat of invasion.

    so it’s more likely what Theo11 says below, an M16, likely American made, as we send them a shit ton of weapons and money to buy weapons every year.

    Jesus Christ

    Leggings as pants = NOT SEXY.



    Think Tank

    You can go tell her that, I’ll stay here out of bullet range.


    with an arse like that, who cares?


    You do realize that’s a dude, right?


    It’s an M16. Everyone and their dog has an M16 there.


    Is that a mag holder thats in the well? As in, pull out the spacer, sperate the mag then load? I don’t think there are rounds in whatever is in the well. Never seen something like that before.


    That’s what it looks like to me too. Probably a good idea if you’re going to be carrying the thing around with you to class or such. It’d prevent you from accidentally chambering a round while you’re taking a dump or such.


    Hob & Waktherkid; I thought it was a two mag set up, with them @ 90 degree angles to one another. Could be a chamber block; but a chamber block is a lot like putting a trigger lock on your gun – if you actually need a gun, you’ll never get it off in time.

    Also; how the heck would you chamber a round accidentally? You’ve got to full the charging handle back ~ 5 inchs, and it sliding foreword is noisy.

    & as Monkey770 has said, that is most Def. an M4


    Bottom line I don’t think she’s a girl you want to piss off!


    I need to see the face before I call this woman sexy. Oh, and it’s an M4, get with the program guys.


    Banana clip? I don’t see the lines so I would have to say its a thong under there… oh wait you all were yakking about the rifle…


    Must be Israel. The girls of the IDF.


    It’s a chamber block that holds a magazine, allowing her to have ammo handy while keeping the weapon in condition 3 (no magazine inserted, chamber, empty, bolt forward, weapon on safe).