iPad Nano

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    teezy weezy

    anyone remember the Zune? LOL


    Cause every time we touch I get this feeling
    And every time we kiss I swear I could fly
    Can’t you feel my heart beat fast
    I want this to last…



    …in fact I’ve got 2 of them. And my husband has one, as well.


    Shit Different


    Any o yall gonna pick up an ipad? I kinda prefer to root for the underdogs. Better or worse, i’d probably go for that german made “WePad”
    or wait for google’s version. I like how apple is touting the new software release for the iphone that will allow multi-tasking, whilst
    anyone with a jailbroken phone has probably been multitasking for over a year. Apple makes some pretty slick devices, but it’s all about the dev
    community that really brings out the capabilities of the equipment.


    I agree that dev community really shows where the power of the device is.

    But I kind of get why Apple has locked down multitasking: battery life. On a device that already has a shit battery life, asking it to run multiple programs at once is just asking to never be able to unplug the thing from the wall. Fuck that. I like my iPhone, locked as it is, and I have no complaints.


    I noticed a bit of a battery life loss once updating the firmware and software from 2.2 to 3.13 on my 3G. Its also hard to determine the true battery life on many devices, i.e. the typical manufacturer will give a notebooks life with the screen super dim and no apps. Apple can better approximate the life on their devices by keeping their operation under control. Its still fun to run custom software. Ubuntu hauls ass on my macbook.


    HP Slate is going to rape the Ipad….


    There are some Android apps pads already out that are only $300 that look pretty appealing, even though I just bought a laptop in February.