London Haze

london haze2.jpg (3 MB)

Took this photo of my hometown a few months ago. I’m quite new to photography, but I do enjoy it. I already have a few photos in my deviantart gallery.

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    tiki god

    “Favourite poet or writer: Goethe”

    Instantawesome. Und unglaublich talentiert bist du auch.


    Must Go!


    This is fucking awesome. Keep taking pictures.


    i hate the london eye. I went on it wen i was young after a pub session. Lets just say there’s no toilets up there and its a 30 minute ride. :S

    Tiggle Bitties

    so THAT’s what the smell was. goddam!


    I’ve been past the eye several times but never bothered to go on.

    I’ve always thought they should turn it sideways, speed it up and lower it into the Thames. Instant rinse cycle! Clean out the wales and old ships.


    “a ban on throwing coxes into the river”

    We are not nearly mature enough around here for a comment like that.