Me and THE tree

IMG_2604.jpg (1 MB)

a unique tree I found on the highway that made me pull over and ask my friend to take that pic

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    If I was in a place like that I would have done the same thing. Although I would have taken my uomo senza nome gear with me. This turned out nice enough however.

    tiki god

    what was unique about this tree that made you want to have your picture taken with it?


    it’s THE tree. durr.


    Man with no name! In Italian. The reason why I thought of that is because of how you’re sitting there. Clint Eastwood would sit the same way.


    A horse is fine too.


    Why do I love this pic so much?


    it’s THE tree. durr.

    casemods UID# 667

    This has got to be the best picture EVER.

    I can hardly contain myself about how awesome this is – literally.

    I’m going to have to take another tab of R


    Every real man should do that. Just sit and stare somewhere in the desert. Its’ so cool actually. My dream.


    This tree reminds me of the tree in the middle of that huge canyon-like place in the Lion King; the tree where Simba hung onto during that stampede before MUFASA rocked up and was all, SIMBAAAAAA and tried to save him, ultimately leading to Mufasa’s demise.
    I feel sad now.
    Nice work midooo.