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Is this a reference to the leaked video of US airmen shooting the fuck out of the reuters staff?

That video gets me fucking angry. As an aspiring war photographer, i want to know i’ll be safe from getting shot to fuck by my side.


Watched that video. Its upsetting what happened for sure. Lots went wrong there.


I not know this video.


Go to Wikileaks, it’s on frontpage.


Shit… That sucks for all parties.
Put a guy that hasn’t fucked a woman for a long while in front of a gun, he’s gonna be trigger happy.


I forgot a “do”.


It is fucking criminal… to make it worse… they where really enjoying it too… reporters, children and all. I support our troops… but this was a fuck up that needs to be dealt with and made an example of.


Its obvious in the video that they didnt know that they were shooting a reporter and other civilians. Its criminal that the government covered it up.


Well, if you can’t enjoy your work, what’s the point really?


You will never KNOW that. Friendly fire is anything but.


>As an aspiring war photographer, i want to know i’ll be safe from getting shot to fuck by my side.

war is a bitch, son. if you go, for whatever reason, you will prolly die


‘You will prolly die’ Well no, most troops dont die out there. I realise the risk is high, but I do love my photography ;).


And the big fat check.


I’s true. My BIL (leaving for his 4th tour in Iraq in June) gets between $7,000 and $10,000 per month on active duty. It bought him the house he’s in now. I was doing his finances while he was away (he remarried so I don’t do it anymore) and he was getting his regular reserve pay, active duty pay, per diem and other random income.

The Matrix: Rebooted

That’s really that much. Especially considering that you’re only getting that kind of pay for a few month or a few years and considering the risk your being put at, the statistical likeness of unemployment or homelessness when you return. That’s not nearly enough compensation.


Getting it monthly for 18+ months adds up, like I said, he bought his house outright w/ it.


Shit Happens. He’s a war photographer what do you expect? War does not = safe.


wikileaks.org/ Its on here. It’s fucking ridiculous. Shit went down in 07 and reuters have been trying to get hold of it using freedom of informations act, with no success.

So wikileaks leaked it. Which is awesome.


Caught that yesterday. Fucking appalling. And people wonder why the world hates the US.


seen the video… That was a very dangerous situation for that reporter… and no bulletproof vest with “PRESS” sign on it (not that a BP vest could have stopped that firestorm), and obviously, if a fakking combat helo was there sure there was a military motivation –> watch were are you going, mister!

purple banana

The way they were hovering around wounded Saeed like fucking vultures, just BEGGING permission to shoot… Fucking dicks.


Mistaking an Over the shoulder Cam for an RPG ??…
A gun for a cell phone ?!
That’s a lack of training there son…

I can see how this happened and it’s appalling…
But being in combat is like being in another world…

The Cover up is insane…
The aftermath was ugly, and promises to get much worse now..
Maybe the public will realize how Ugly this conflict is…

The Matrix: Rebooted

The public isn’t going to realize shit. The ADD mainstream media has already moved on to the latest “story” about a mine accident. In a week, no one will remember this.


You must have that special image enhancement software they have on CSI, where they can get license plate numbers off the reflection on a cows anus from 6 miles away.


Cliche as it is, war is hell.

In the end: if you’re going to follow a bunch of armed men around a war zone, especially in an area where there had just been an engagement, then you can expect bad things to happen to you. ESPECIALLY if you are not possessing a ready and obvious means to communicate with “friendly” forces.

Tiggle Bitties

wow… just wow. picking up the dead? PERMISSION TO ENGAGE, ROGER.

that’s just cold. but i’ve never fought. i have no right to speak.

don’t the ROE have rules against this?


Uh yeah, this was a flagrant disregard to the ROE.



The pilots had obviously considered the men on the ground to be hostile targets. Therefore, that line of thinking would lead them to believe the guy in the van was there to pick up his fellow insurgents, dead or wounded. Either way, he was considered to be part of the enemy force at the time(which obviously turned out to be incorrect, but at the time with the given information was the tactically sound thing to do).


Just watched the video.

Jesus Christ.

But what can be said? War is hell. No one is spared. Not even the innocent. Not even children. Not even us.


Shit like this kinda turns your head on the violence in todays society too. Call of Duty:MW2, Bad Company, Rainbow Six etc… Any FPS for that matter. I got a Chopper Gunner…Woohoo!…And then their is the utter fuck up that is reality. This is just a days work for a soldier… Trained to kill kill kill and treat your enemy as an inhuman beast out there to destroy everything you hold dear. Except this time a civilian non combatant could be the enemy. So you lose your fucking mind and the thirst for blood. Not to mention the tours of… Read more »


If you didn’t know the backstory I’d bet you’d have a different opinion of the video. Consider it from this angle: Where on Earth is it a good idea to wander the streets with a bunch of other dudes, some of whom are toting assault rifles? NOWHERE!! That’d be stupid anywhere, I don’t care if you’re the one carrying cotton candy! You’re in IRAQ(!) in 2007(!) after a firefight(!) with a bunch of dudes carrying assault weapons! How many warning flags do you need before you realize you’re going to get your ass shot off? I’m no CSI:Miami guy, so… Read more »


If there’s a shoot out between gang bangers and the cops in some bad neighborhood, and a minivan drives up and starts carrying off the bangers do you think the cops are going to let that happen? If you were in the cops shoes would you? Hell no.

Stop letting the media spoon feed you everything. It’s easy to agree with some twit on the internet that says this is a tragedy after the fact. And it is a tragedy, but you can’t blame the individuals involved in the situation.


ROFL!!!!! i work for canon this will be my new wallpaper for work


This happens every few months. Darwin happens.