On the first day, man created God – anonymous

On the first day, man created God - anonymous

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    No U



    fuck your couch nigga


    This snide explanation of the origin of god has successfully converted me to atheism! Thank god we have acerbic text upon artistic pictures in order to the thinking for me otherwise i never would have made this revelation that was just oh so successful in getting me to discount personal experience in conjunction with copius amounts of anecdotal evidence that corroborates with aforementioned experiences!

    I just called my reverend and told him to blow me!


    If you had a priest he might have done it, ba dum chink


    On the flipside, if you had a priest you might have done it to him.


    No different from a christian preaching.


    So that excuses this form of proselytizing better?


    Fuckin hell we need an edit button on the comments.

    So that makes this form of proselytyzing excusable?

    tiki god

    what form of proselytyzing excusable so are you editing?


    No, it just seems very contradictory to complain about such things when christians do it just as much, if not more, than atheists. It’s a very stupid concept these types of images, I agree with that as they’re very superficial and narrow-minded, but to complain about something that has been done so much more by one religion (memorabilia of this kind can even be bought in stores), just makes it all seem a little petty. Just like the pro-god versions of these, they don’t try to convert you, they’re just expressing one sides opinion in their own one-sided manner and is best to ignore them.


    Well i can agree with that sentiment.


    You know what i find funny? How even when you concede to your oppositions point people will either resort to ad hominem or a thumbs down in lieu of a good counter-point.


    Fixed that….
    But there are so many more trolls than sympathetic peeps in the tubes these days…



    if you’re an atheist why did you just said thank god!…


    fracked again

    Oh, Lotus was an atheist once, and a satanist, all kinds of *ists. At least, those are his claims.


    …And you still fail to contribute any original thought to any discussion.

    fracked again

    I was repeating your claims. Of course that wouldn’t be original.


    It’s just an amusing picture w/ an atheist style quote. What’s the big deal? It’s hardly proselytizing. The number of religious examples is much greater and I am rarely annoyed, offended or concerned about it. I certainly don’t think anyone and everyone who has one is trying to change my thinking.


    hey anybody else think this is actually a really pretty picture or are we past that


    It is a pretty picture… Although I’d like to think it took man longer than 1 day to come up with the concept of god. Like it wasn’t just, “Holy shit, guys, we’re sentient! Better invent a deity now!”

    Besides, given that atheists haven’t stuck hot pokers in people or ripped out their fingernails in the name of no god, I’m more willing to let them be a little snippy now and then.


    I leave you with these comments from Carlin.


    I think it took exactly two seconds after man became sentient and started wondering why ? what ?? and then WHO ?

    The second someone can’t explain something away for whatever reason they eventually truck out the paranormal instead of just shrugging and taking notes so they can figure it out in time…


    Actually it is a really badass photo.


    On the second day, God fucked everything up.


    You sir, win an internets.


    Its all about Sky Cake www.youtube.com/watch?v=55h1FO8V_3w

    Jesus Christ

    Not my fault, DAD. brb, going to start a war in Iraq.


    The original picture can be found on DeviantArt and doesn’t mention God at all, in much the same way this person doesn’t list the fact that they’re using someone else’s great work of art to push their own views.

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