Marine Firing AA-12

us-marine-firing-aa-12-full-auto-shotgun-aa12-machine-shotgun.jpg (165 KB)

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    I think the sights on that thing are pointless…


    Not if it is using grenades or slugs.

    Tiggle Bitties

    is this a flechette type weapon?


    The proper caption should be “die, furry. Die”


    Been playing too much Bad Company, thought that was a Saiga at first.
    Perfect for my semi-inept FPS spray and pray strategy.


    Absolutely unnecessary POS. If you need a fully automatic shotgun, you’re doing it wrong.


    I disagree. In an urban assault situation, sometimes you need to clear small room very quickly. Also, with the grenade variant shells, you can put like, what, 20 of those things through a window in about 5 seconds? Sounds useful to me.

    The other cool thing about the AA-12 is that it probably has less recoil than a Mossburg 500.


    But the problem with the urban assault argument is the nature of the scenario itself. If you have a small room filled with just a bunch of targets, then go ahead, an AA-12 works great. But so would an M67, which is cheaper to produce. Now in the more common variant, there are civilians in the mix. This is more or less why the M4 was produced: it took the power and accuracy of the M16 and condensed it into a smaller, more maneuverable firearm, to be used in CQB situations. With the M4, you can aim and fire accurately… Read more »


    suicydking you are correct; they made sure that little kids could fire it without a problem.

    And Marines found out that women (and lazy men) had trouble working a pump effectively.


    Damn that Clinton and his executive order listing the civilian semi-auto version as a weapon of mass destruction. Took away my best anti-zombie gun I was saving up for before they even hit production….Oh well. just have gotten really good at speed loading my Rem 11-48. Ya, it only holds 5 rounds and is only 20ga…


    Those are ridiculous: Make meat sauce out of people in seconds flat.