Live Bait Vending Machine

Bait Machine.jpg (199 KB)

Saw this outside of a gas station in norther Minnesota. I’ve never seen one of these before. Are they common? You could get: Nightcrawlers, Minnows, Leeches, and something called “Stink”.

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    OMG this is a great idea! But it never work down here. People would come get dinner out of this machine and it would always be empty.


    They are very common. If you go camping, they usually have them at the local bait and tackle.


    Stink bait is a bait used mostly for catfish that basically smells absolutely terrible. The strong smell is used to attract said fish, and since they’ll eat just about anything, the bait itself can be an absolutely horrifying combination of anything that smells absolutely terrible(chicken liver, blood(of any sort, really), rotten cheese, raw fish, etc).


    Thanks! You are truly a master!


    yea…a master baiter! 😉


    Well done, sir. Well done.


    This must be a northern thing, because I have never seen any on the Gulf Coast.


    what the fuck? these are all over the place.

    i guess we can see who will survive the Apocalypse


    THey are all over the south. Always kinda freaked me out because the cool the worms to near freezing and they stay alive for days.

    Tiggle Bitties

    doesn’t this kinda scream redneck?


    I have actually seen these in a lot of stores up the north shore. I live in northern minnesota (right at the tip of lake superior)and honestly, I find this kind of thing to be stupid. I mean, has there EVER been a bait shop that was out of bait, or not open at some ungodly hour and you just NEEDED to get your bait RIGHT FUCKING NOW?


    There all over the lace in Western Maryland and West Virginia, in the more rural communities.


    Very common. Found near anywhere where there is fishing.