A little whorish and some props

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Pic 1: Tearing it up in Vegas (not paris)
Pic 2: Race Relations are good outside the Palazzo in Vegas
Pic 3: Thought this was great billboard Las Vegas NV
Pic 4: Guess what company I work for?
Pic 5: Bacon Baby Formula (www.baconsalt.com)
Pic 6: Props to Tiki slot machine Las Vegas NV

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    this is primo shit here


    I’m seeing this in the RSS feed, but not on the man page.

    Also, cool dude.


    Are they really paying random guys $500 to tug on their own dick a bit and let them film it? I bet they get a lot of takers in that city. I wouldn’t do it unless I knew it wasn’t going to be in or part of anything marketed as gay porn.


    Living in Vegas, i see this shit all the time, so its nothing new to me Guess what, yes for the most part it is marketed as gay porn. most tourists dont know that, and are usually a few drinks in when they call the number, and most locals know better. enjoy your drunken exploitation.