Star wars adidas

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I’m in love with the weird brown looking ones.

Anybody have official sauce on these, and not someone’s shitty blog about them?


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    Joeseph Goebbels

    The brown ones look god awful.

    Orange ones are awesome though.


    Would have been funnier of the AT-ATs were wearing them.


    of = if

    Friends don’t let friends comment on pictures while fucking tired.


    I have the Stormtrooper sweatshirt and a t-shirt with the Millennium Falcon, Luke’s X-Wing and Vader’s Tie-Fighter printed on it, they are very cool!

    And I’m for the X-Wing pilot tennis!


    Sorry, I’m from Mexico, wtf are sambas?


    Here, samba is a type of dance… A brazilian one. In fact, I’m only answering you because I’m drunk.

    I wear black suits and I look Legen… wait for it……

    Don’t bother answering back.


    Fuck man, wtf is wrong with you and your Burger King Crown?

    As I’ve said, don’t answer.

    Cheers bloke.


    I think they are all pretty ugly. But I guess the Yoda ones are at least the most interesting.

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