So you made first Alien contact

firstcontactalien.png (268 KB)

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    Don’t Panic! :p


    *shoots aliens without reading the info sheet*


    If I met them somewhere out in space I don’t know that I would be telling them where we live (until after much probing). 1. If you think about seriously, the alien you are probably meeting is the top of the food chain on their planet making them the apex predator. If they are the apex predator they at least at one point must have been super aggressive and probably still are. With this in mind I believe there will be no dropping you off except maybe back at their planet. 2. Friendly expansion is only friendly to those expanding.… Read more »


    TL but I read it anyway. In response: 1. Not necessarily. As a species, we weren’t even at the top of the food chain until our brains developed enough to out-think the creatures that were: lions & tigers & bears oh my. We’re aggressive, fuck knows, but nowhere near as much as those creatures. We had to evolve ways to escape or conquer them ’cause we couldn’t handle them otherwise. That’s how intelligence evolves, and an extraterrestrial race intelligent enough for space travel will likely have followed a similar evolutionary path. 2. Good point. 3. We’re even more screwed if… Read more »


    you cant say that nothing good comes from believing in god. lots of bad shit has been done by lots of bad people in the name of god. religion is a tool, and can be wielded in any number of ways, good and bad. there have been many good things come from religion as well. if you are open and honest, you can probably think of several. there is no question that “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is THE answer to most any of the problem we experience in our world. and this golden… Read more »


    Who said nothing good comes from religion?

    But I agree, it is a tool that can be used for good or bad, and in this instance I would guess (having obviously never experienced this before)it could very quickly be used against us.




    I thought about tl;dr’ing it when I first saw it a while ago, but it’s worth it… it really got me thinking.


    i would think that if they came all this way to have a chat, they would prepare for it a little better


    Dont you think theyd see our cities and cars and at least be able to figure out we have mechanical engineering? Pythagoreans theorem? Gimme a break! Yeah, the cell phone im carrying wont tell you shit about my species ability to think with math, let me draw you a right triangle. And our outer-space telescopes and massive satellite dishes wont clue them into our knowledge of astronomy a bit. The starship Enteprise could figure that out about us.

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