No School Like The Old School

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was doing bong rips at a friend’s house earlier this evening, and saw this beauty in the corner. i wonder if anyone here will appreciate this.

Original John Gibson Zorlac Skateboard with Pushead graphics

this bitch is nearly 30 years old. complete with rails and a nose bone, but the tailbone was lost somewhere along the way.

80mm fast as fuck Bones wheels with Independent trucks.

skate or die

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    I wasn’t born yet 30 years ago but I appreciate this immensely.


    Ditto. That shit is epic right there. Did he let you have it, or did you just snag some pics?


    I’m not quite thirty but my first board almost 20 years ago was the same style and those things were bad ass. The awesomeness is much appreciated.


    Skate or die? That seems rather extreme. Is that like Eddie Izzard’s 2 positions on a snowboard? (Cool… & DEAD)


    YES. skate or die mothafucka.
    learn it.
    live it.
    longboard it.


    NHS FTW! Santa Cruz Represent!


    Pushead is amazing.


    Powell & Peralta for me. I have the pieces of my old board somewhere.

    Skateboarding is not a crime.


    for sale?


    what he said.
    i would hapily have this sidewalk surfer in posession rather than my sector 9 pathfinder.
    and about the tail bone: Well ebay search a new set, ya turky!
    and about the bong: No way man! you smoke!
    awesome! we should plan to meet up sometime to smoke then never do because its very improbable were gonna meet IRL.


    ebay your moms nuts


    This is what Tony Hawk’s garage museum is full of. Instead of ugly and old american cars.