theme day submission

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camwhoring like casemods

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    tiki god

    hey bro, someone wrote something on your neck. you’re mom’s going to be mad if you don’t wash it off!


    neck tattoos make you super employable! srsly.

    also, this is submitted under casemods’ account. does that mean he has a friend/lover? FINALLY???


    Don’t forget the gay earing and the poor excuse for a beard aka douchebag beard. Dude thinks he is Ludacris. Only Ludacris is the opposite of everything this guys is – Successful.

    Also 3 shirts and a sweatshirt?


    step back and breathe, puu

    he’s also got on a stocking cap and a beanie… i think it’s on purpose


    Wow. I pray to god this is not how you normally dress.


    that’s my +1

    so why dont you do moar of this stuff? your submissions are usually good if you are not in the post. your camwhore style jumped the shark yesterday, so you should prolly use this time to pull yourself up out of the shit and find a moar subtle way to troll.

    but you wont. faggot


    Worst earring I’ve ever seen.