1968 Chevy Camaro

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Rally SS.jpg (1 MB)

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    Ahh beautiful, a retro photo couldn’t be more perfect. Also I’m a non car person but I would kill small mammals for this one. Probably.


    I can not believe I just advocated the killing of an animal by +1ing that.

    But that car is so fucking bad ass.


    i like the wheels


    Much nicer than the Trans Am. I still like my Chevelles even more.

    casemods UID# 667

    my dads z28 would have blown the doors off that slant 6


    I knew a guy that put a 455ish engine in his Camaro. One race, twisted frame. Say goodbye.
    That is what my Buick Electra 225 had in it (or maybe a 454) and that car flew. Gawd I love 4 barrels. They vibrate beautifully when you slam the gas and they kick in. Prolly pulling a few Gs as well.


    68 red-convertable with black roll cage- where did you go? you were my life- sold it. damn- thats a sex right there.


    Red stripe Tiger Paws & all. Not a slant 6 either Case. That’s Chryco you H O M O.


    I was gonna ask about that. The only car I had that had a slant 6 was my 76 Duster.