Cleaning LPs with glue

glue-record-cleaning.jpg (416 KB)

anyone tried this? I`m a little leary to pour glue on my albums.

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    i like to do this to my hands with elmer’s glue


    Do it unless your to chiken.


    I hate you so much.

    Go buy a cheap record from a thrift store, dirty it a bit, and try it on that.


    I have a a large amount of very old and dirty LP’s at home, with a few broken ones. I will attempt this trick on the broken ones.


    I used wood glue when I was DJ’ing. It works pretty well. However, putting Pledge on a sponge and spinning the record whilst holding the sponge on top works better.


    Good deal, thanks for the tip.

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    Try it on an album you don’t like or buy one real cheap


    tittybond, eh…


    I’ve got a turntable. Too bad I don’t have a stereo system I can connect it to though. At least with my CD player (audio, went to the same stereo that the turntable used to connect to), it has a headphone jack, so I still use it.


    I’ve got a turntable and full stereo hooked into it. Actually, all of it was bought around the same time, circa 1978. Unfortunately, the rubber band that keeps the turntable at a stable speed has stretched and I haven’t found a replacement. Meanwhile, I own nearly every album on CD and/or mp3.