420 highness chart

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    blazed is my current maximum.


    The guy who wrote this must have been in the ?!?!??? stage during his English classes in 2nd-12th grade.


    What’s a CEV?

    The most i’ve ever been was Blazed
    i couldn’t stop giggling even though i was aware i no longer wanted to laugh.

    Anything more the tendency to green out grows exponentially

    munan speaks

    Once upon a time I hit 11 with a friend. We had bought what we thought was regular, purple skunk. Turns out it was a marvelous creation we used to call CoCo Puff. It’s basically laced with Cocaine.
    I spent about four hours tripping balls driving through a Tron-like matrix in a giant car made of Tinkertoys. My hallucinations were so powerful, that my buddy built a sidecar and jumped in.
    It was stellar and I’ve never experienced anything remotely as amazing or all consuming.
    That was 25 years ago….

    fracked again

    Wait, is that too high to be drive safely, or too high to physically manage to operate a vehicle?