International Realities

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    i am impressed

    Luke Magnifico

    This is cool beans.


    sadly, it’s true… 8/


    good to see a portuguese magazine featured in MCS.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    hey way to point out problems

    where’s the image that mentions how you propose to fix any of them? Still workin on it? Okay well you take care now.


    how do you know what’s to fix without knowing what the problems are?

    for all i’m aware, most country exercise “differences in cultural values/beliefs” under sovereignty

    unless you suggest we start refusing to recognize somalia as a country and hoping it turns into terra nullius at some point when everyone dies of famine.

    That and why does the EU seem to be .. least criticized?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    None of that changes what I said what so ever.

    I believe the EU is least criticized because they’re the most advanced aside from the US who have an unfortunate pest problem. These pests are usually self loathing half wits with more opinion than brains.

    Cultural sovereignty is basically a blown version of the race card. That shit has run its coarse and had its day and slowly hiding behind barbaric rituals as “deep rooted culture” will too. All that faggot shit will die with the hippies who started it. Thank God.


    Not nearly enough blue on the US flag…


    Damn, this shit is depressing.


    China — Literacy (Total Population): 90.9%
    According to

    The flags exaggerates a tad

    Why don’t we throw in japan while we’re at it?

    Red circle for Citizens who believe they are superior to all other races
    White background for Citizens who realized they are superior to all other races


    Literacy has NOTHING to do with child labor. Most people learn to read before they are 6, so how does that have ANYTHING to do with 14 year-olds forced to work?

    It doesn’t.

    China is a shithole with modern day slavery. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking idiot.


    Chinese literacy isn’t your “26 alphabets” romance language literacy, lol.

    The gap between the poor and rich in china isn’t as wide as let’s say, india; something like 6% with enough money to make solomon blush, and the rest 90%; “just another day, another dollar”


    Realistically, on the US map, a number of the reds and whites would also be blues.

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