Catwoman Movie Wallpaper

Catwoman Movie Wallpaper

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    Jesus, looks like an outfit you’d buy from a sex shop for 150$. What were they thinking?


    its halle berre
    black girls are sluts and thats why she suited this B-S movie


    uh this isn’t /b/ dude, c’mon


    dude, skin color is NOT what makes a woman a slut. being a slut is a side effect of possessing a vagina, and is not linked to melanin production.


    She doesn’t look like that black to me…


    You can nearly see a nipple there.


    no… you can ‘clearly’ see her nipples in Swordfish.

    here, it takes too much work and even then, i’m still not sure i’m fapping to nipple.


    also, CAT ASS


    i c wut u did thar


    I don’t know if anyone has noticed this before, but when a woman leans forward, you can sometimes accidentally on purpose look down their blouse, and see their pendulously swaying breasts! It’s like a free peek! But you have to treat it like the sun, and not stare directly at it. Otherwise you’ll get caught and then she knows you’ve been looking. Not only will she treat you like a disgusting pervert for being attracted to her, but no more leaning for you. I wonder if women realize this? Best to keep this a secret, or they’ll all be wearing… Read more »


    Ugly actress in a movie about a hot anti-hero.

    Not even make-up helped her, Pfeifer wasn’t exactly a bombshell but when she donned the catsuit she was the sexiest pussy in Gotham.


    open-toed heels? worst movie ever keeps getting worse.


    I actually thought her outfit was the only redeeming quality of this movie.. I don’t really care who’s wearing it, it’s still hot….

    Movie still blows though