Which way should I wear my $80 calvin kline sweater and $36 colored button down shirt?

collage.jpg (694 KB)

I like 1 and 2 the best.

What does M[C]S think?

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    89 Responses ttto Which way should I wear my $80 calvin kline sweater and $36 colored button down shirt?

    1. Belbo says:

      they all look like douches. p.s. you’re in the bathroom. look at those uneven towel racks.

    2. dumbass says:

      #3…. because that maximizes your gayness

    3. cpnichol says:

      #5 fashion it into a noose and do the world a favour.

    4. dorix says:

      Hey, can you give me some of the winning lotto numbers from 2010, since you’re posting that from 2013?

    5. The Matrix: Rebooted says:

      Honest question case:
      When you post the price on this stuff, is it because you’re bragging about spending what you think is a lot of money on clothes?
      Or do you think that you’re a shrewd shopper who is getting a good deal?

    6. mousestalker says:

      #1, #2 ,# and #4 make your head look really pointy.

      My uncle Larry had a pointy head like yours. When he was little they tested his IQ and the results came back at 54. My Grandmama made them retest him and he scored 67 that time. So chin up, there is hope for guys with really pointy heads!

    7. Theo11 says:

      Do you know what the SARA model is? It is a model used by military officers to gauge the reaction towards a new proposal. SARA stands for shock, anger, rejection, and acceptance.

      When casemods first posted pictures of himself on MCS, I was initially shocked at the vulgar content. Then came the anger. Fierce anger at both Tiki and casemods. The anger lasted several weeks which was followed up by the rejection phase. I refused to accept these posts by casemods, and went several days without visiting MCS.

      But alas, today has come the acceptance phase. I laughed when I saw this post, and I accepted it as a normal part of MCS. The posts by casemods have developed into something to be expected, maybe even, dare I say, eagerly anticipated? Maybe not quite yet…

      Now to answer the question at hand. #2 if you want to have sex with a woman, #4 if you want to have sex with a man, and #3 if you are having dinner with your mother and you need to hide the hickeys received during the aforementioned sexual escapades.

    8. gregzombie says:

      I’m still trying to see where the $36 “colored” buttoned down shirt is at.

    9. Rafter says:

      None of the above. Take them all back and buy some decent clothes.

    10. Twosixteen says:

      Faggot is faggot.

    11. #2 looks supa fly. You’ll be picking up bitches in no time.

    12. Marrock says:

      All four make that turd look like a jehovah’s witness.

    13. bob says:

      You look like a Poof

    14. sinfulcola says:

      $80 for that? You have my deepest condolences. Go for #3, if you’re going for faggotry, might as well take it to the top.

    15. Gayness to the power of infinity.

    16. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      Those look like missing persons pictures of someone nobody actually wants to find.

    17. macio says:

      I say start with #1 for the “date” with your boyfriend. That way, if his man juice dribbles down your chin onto your shirt, you can switch to #3 as you both leave the forest preserve bathroom stall before your next “date” arrives.

    18. MonkeyHitman says:

      Casemods took 3 years to afford those clothes.

    19. Donut Jesus says:

      You look like the offspring of Nia Vardalos and David Schwimmer. . .And just like Papa, you have a terrible sense of style.

    20. natedog says:

      I really cant wait until someone on the streets of San Jose recognizes him and blacks out from the RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE, only to come to after surprise buttsecks

      remember to post pics if this happens to you, kids

    21. Drunkin says:

      Does tiki pay you to do shit like this? All your posts seem to achieve 20+ comments…

    22. The_Royal_We says:


    23. gx5000 says:

      Don’t feed the troll…Ignore the troll….
      Look if you must but do not return to the post.
      Problem solved.

    24. callmenik says:

      This thread is nearly Diggworthy.

    25. HoChunk says:

      Please, PLEASE, casemods, tell us that this is for a job interview.

    26. inkbot says:

      Somehow, MCS seems to have become casemodspace.

    27. absent says:

      #3, but with a bible cluched real tight.

    28. justonemango says:

      number 2

    29. absent says:

      * clutched.

      And just ‘cos it’s Calvin Kline, doesn’t mean that it not a generic plain piece of shite.

    30. Jagermeister says:

      Stopped shopping at Ross it sounds like.

      Two questions:
      1. Who did you con into taking these pics, or do you not have any friends, so you used the timer?

      2. Why in the unholy crimson hell do you take so many damn pictures in bathrooms?

    31. Deleted_User says:

      Amateur gay porn star auditions. See kids finish high school so you don’t end up a like this guy. He won’t be able to sit right for weeks.

    32. Svartmetall says:

      Liberace: The Early Years. Airs tonight on Trainwreck-TV

    33. Chrysis says:

      Dude… You all fail to realize that Case can time travel…. Give the man a golf clap.

    34. Elepski says:

      Can we just filter Casemods?

    35. foug says:

      ooooooh my god, who is this guy and why did he start posting pics of himself all over MCS recently?! You look like a typical little bitch and no one gives a fuck what you are wearing or what you just bought at the pawn shop. I’d rather see pictures of mudkips from 5 years ago then see another picture of your unshaven jay leno butt chin complimented by your always white, boring clothes. And why is your name case mods?!?!?!?! UGHHHHHHHHH

    36. Atrocity says:

      I think you’d look excellent in any of the 4…

      ON FIRE!

    37. Drunkin says:

      The plague of casemods is almost as old as MCS itself. Welcome aboard.

    38. Numero 41 says:

      number 2 is the best!

    39. Jesus Christ says:

      What do I think? I think you’re a brilliant troll. I wish I could lie, but it’s just like Lady GaGa being an awesome entrepreneur. You can’t just look away from a train wreck this awesome. You have to see it die to know it’s gone.

      Also, #2.

    40. AJ says:

      Go with #3 and keep that look on your face. Seems to me you have forgotten the gerbil that is crawling around in your ass.

    41. kilowatt says:

      on #3 you look like Gabriel Gray …. have you ever play in heroes??

    42. aarpie says:

      I’m gonna have to go for #1. It’s the least gay looking of all… and considering the fact that it’s you wearing it… that’s quite a compliment.

    43. kiss.the.sky says:

      First of all, it’s Calvin Klein. If you’re going to go designer, at least read the tag.

      Also, #2.

    44. I think it’s funny how people think I’m a troll just because I’m so good looking.

      They just assume I’m trolling because I look so good.

      Well I’m just looking for advice.

      Who in their right mind would honestly think asking for advice is trolling?

      I guess It’s because I’m extremely attractive.

      I wish I wasn’t so attractive so I could get real advice 🙁

      Well at least some people gave me real advice, so I thank you.

    45. danielhayles says:

      Wear it around your face so that I never have to look at your ever again

    46. natedog says:


    47. ElmoJones says:

      Wait…are you and Tiki screwing? Has he ever donkey punched you?

    48. sickmindedone says:

      2 is least retarded looking.

    49. AJ says:

      OK…moving on to the next picture…

    50. greenie says:


      I see through your April Fools joke Tiki.

    51. Atrocity says:

      Just imagine him dressed like that, riding on his stupid ass scooter down the street.

      Hilarity ensues.

      • I wouldn’t wear something this mature on that scooter. This is like, dinner with my dad attire.

        I would wear younger looking clothes while riding my go ped, such as looser fitting jeans and older shirts that don’t cost much.

    52. acid_monkey says:

      the only thing i can write here and no spell wrong is: you look fat. there was a time when you looked thin now for some reason you look fat why is it?

    53. jediadept says:

      The next step in Casemods self promotion:

      self videographer

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