The Golden Snitch

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    The Golden Snatch would have been more interesting


    you’re a naughty person


    Maybe there’s more to Quidditch in the novels than what I saw in the flicks, but the whole sport seemed retarded from the get-go. If only one team member is allowed to go after the snitch, and catching it wins the game, what’s the fucking point of anybody else on the team doing…well, anything else? Why don’t they all just go for the snitch? And how is all this supposed to teach teamwork?

    To those who’ve read the books: What am I missing?


    it ends the game and adds 150 points to the team catching the snitch.
    other players can score 10 pointers with the quaffles, and these points can have teams lead with more then 150 points before the snitch is caught.


    Thank you.


    Thanks as well –but again, does that even happen? If the scoring racks up like basketball, then okay, I see your point –but if it’s more like, say, football (either American or, y’know, the football they play everywhere else) or hockey, or even baseball, then building an unassailable lead is quite the chore. And again: doesn’t do much for the teamwork-building skills that sports are a big part of…at least not if you’re the Seeker. I’m honestly not trying to drive anybody nuts. I’d just like it a lot better if they lowered the Snitch-grabbing score to, say, 50, and/or… Read more »


    just as an addendum: Catching the Snich is described as being very difficult, so it’s not caught in every game, far from it, that’s why you can’t fully rely on catching it.


    It must be caught to end the game. I can’t recall where but an odd side comment in one of the books mentions a game going on for an obscenely long time (months or years.) I agree that the snitch makes the rest of the game just seem superfluous. It makes seeker feel like it’s tailor fit for a “Mary Sue” protagonist. You could argue whether HP is or isn’t a Mary Sue all day, but this one hurts his street cred.


    ^This. I mean, it seems like the majority of the team is just doomed to this drudgery of chucking quaffles & dodging bludgers while in the back of their mind they’re wondering if their seeker isn’t off waxing his broomstick under the stands.


    Sometimes takes a few days to catch the snitch.


    Stop snitching!