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    God, I fucking hate the idea of the “couple’s shower.” I have some married friends who are proponents of these, and I have to explain every time I’m invited that no, I will not be attending because I am in possession of a Y chromosome. Couple’s Showers are fucking stupid.


    I heart this – f’n saved




    Going to Vegas to get married was the best decision my wife and I ever made. Far less expensive, took less than a week to plan, and most of that was just waiting to hear back from the chapel. It was awesome.

    casemods UID# 667

    All girls want to do is ball and chain a man.

    Girls who like to have fun – keepers


    The best girls are the ones who want to wear the chains themselves.


    I frigging hate the thought of weddings. I was never the type of girl to spend a single second planning a colour scheme or choosing the flowers or any of that crap. It just annoys me. And don’t get me started on wedding showers.

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