Trippy Bedroom

room.jpg (851 KB)

I had a bedroom like this once.
Feels good, man.

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    How do you get it to be so illuminated with so few light sources though?

    I can only spot a blacklight under the blinds and that isn’t enough to sparkle a whole room like that.

    I would seriously consider something like this.


    I think the stars are luminescent on their own. You leave a normal light on then for a while and they’ll glow for a couple of hours.


    There are at least three blacklights which is more than enough. Combine that with all the stars, posters and their computer set up has blue lights also.

    colonel – they don’t need any light, they’ll glow on their own for a long time. I had a couple myself, my stars never went bad.

    Yeah I agree though, I feel inspired to do this to my room as well, it’s beautiful.


    You call that trippy you fucking fag? Trippy that shit up you noodle-armed queer boy.


    Me want.