And we couldn`t wait to grow up.

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    whoever made this image has issues

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This shit is beyond emofag.

    Looks like some dumb bitch got called a slut and can’t move on.

    Suicide for you!


    Wrong, good sirs. This is actually an analysis of how idealism of childhood evaporates into the cynicism of adulthood, and the desire, or longing for those idealistic days once more; and finally recognizing the irony of how as children we long to be adults and now as adults we long to be children once more.

    Don’t be such fags you guys.


    Curiously, I was reminiscing about the past a few days ago:


    i like it.. not the emo part but fun to remember. and the funny thing is that the lady in the picture is wearing a skirt

    Luke Magnifico



    I couldn’t wait to grow up and never looked back.


    if you are a real biker, you always will have a bike


    I enjoyed this and I think the message is valid. It is all perspective and personal attachment/interpretation.


    Dear Sirs If the pavement comes alive on Flatbush Ave with toothy smiles Comprised of traffic cones and manholes become eyes And birds burst into flames while singing Satan’s praises And fold into the sky and rain down ashy danger If every office empties and all slaves walk in dazes To a pool of liquid money where they bathe blissfully naked And drugs no longer taunt me and flooze around my conscience And every woman beating rapist is securely in their coffins If every open hydrant in a Brooklyn time summer moment Is opened up by cops and folds out… Read more »


    blah blah