Twilight dads

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Double standard ftl

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    I haven’t heard any “Twilight Dads” talking about Kristen Stewart. She looks like a boy with long hair.


    It’s hypothetical.

    Besides, everyone knows women can’t be crazy pedos, they don’t have penises! I don’t even know why they bother putting all those horny teachers through trials, those boys were lucky to score with older ladies.

    Raging yet?


    Wow. That is actually one of the smartest things you have ever said Graham.


    You shut your mouth!


    you really shouldnt take this kind of thing so lightly. the reason there’s a “double standard” is that there is way more old guys with boners looking to rape teenies than “cougars” hunting down boys below the legal age. they need help AND prosecution. the one will do less without the other. “If a male teacher kisses a female student in high school, it’s not nearly as bad as an elementary teacher doing the same.” no fucking shit? i guess id prefer psychological trauma and possibly anxiety and shame over having my sexuality ruined forever, but i heard passing on… Read more »


    The difference is, the boys dont care, but the girls do


    Dads don’t care about Twilight. Not when there’s Harry Potter movies…


    Yeah, that Daniel Radcliffe is such a tight piece of ass.


    Yay, yet another angry internet denizen realizes that there is, in some small way, a double standard based on gender. So glad that he whipped up this crappy poster to show us all the error of our ways. 😐 Reminds me of every 19-year old woman who took their first women’s study course and went around lambasting every boy they caught absent-mindedly staring at the scantily clad coed who walked by. I remember my response to “aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”: “no. Why should I be?” Look (directed at creator of this, not OP), yes there are double standards. There… Read more »


    That last paragraph made no sense.


    Yeah, I gotta learn to stop posting once my sleep meds start working. Rough translation: double standards exist because they have to. Twilight moms are the equivalent of guys who jerk off to pictures of adult women wearing catholic schoolgirl uniforms: they are reliving their sexual glory years. Guys who get off on Kristin Stewart are different. They are genuinely lusting after women under 18. That is not what the Twilight moms are doing. whomever made this poster seems to not understand the difference.

    Maybe that makes more sense.


    Yes it does. I’ve made some doozy comments when I’m tired…or drugged.


    A fun thing to do: watch any commercial which has a male and female playing out some role. Then reverse their roles in your mind and see how absurd the commercial would be.