Marilyn Manson Art

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Some of Mr. Manson’s more recent art pieces

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    also, he should never paint hands again. ever. everything here is acceptable except for the hands


    He’s not the messiah! He’s a very naughty boy!


    Some of it’s not too bad, but he’s best sticking to his day job.

    I like the label of his absinthe brand, but I’m not sure I really wanna spend $70 on a bottle of absinthe (unless it’s Grande Absente).


    Bringin sexy back


    Mr.Manson has always been a bad joke.


    stupid. retarded. God damnit. Do you see what happens when you say bad art is good? Do you understand what I was trying to say, now?


    Oh yes I understand clearly, you’re still a prick.

    Nobody gives a shit. Not getting any compliments won’t stop all bad artists from producing more art. Apparently nothing stops you from continuing to insist that everyone else can only like what you like, either.

    Good and bad are subjective attributes, but it’s not as if you criticise anyone’s art by any measurable technique or objective level. Your comments on this matter are the only thing that’s stupid and retarded, as you put very eloquently. Now move the fuck on.


    There are myriad objective and measurable techniques by which we can determine if art is good or bad. Mastery of the medium is one. Notice how everything is muddy and streaky. There are no solid forms. This makes for terrible watercolor. Another is the subject matter. Are we supposed to believe that anorexic corpse-like women and distorted figures with children’s toys are not cliché? Furthermore we can criticize this as bad figurative work. Since it is obviously not painted from life, it is obvious that everything is out of proportion and that doesn’t need to be criticized. However, it is… Read more »


    furthermore, notice how the background is just blank white paper.


    Picasso, child-like? Are you insane?
    It simply doesn’t matter what you think. You’re the only one who cares about your opinions. It’s generally true of everyone. You’re not special; you don’t rate.


    yes, child-like. He is quoted extensively on it: “When I was their age I could draw better than Raphael. It took me my entire life to learn to draw like them.”


    Way to miss he point and he was being ironic.


    >There is no mark of a master’s hand anywhere on this art.

    heheheheh you are a faggot


    i’m not the one taking pictures of myself while trying on clothes, buddy. You are invalid.


    this is natedog, retard. have you not noticed all the people using ‘casemods’ as their username?


    Oh leave him alone; he’s obviously having a bad day. We’ve confused the little guy; he’ll feel better after a nap.


    Didn’t know he liked pokemon


    …he should stick to music.


    It’s not bad, actually. I like it.

    Manson as a character is fantastic. I love the concept of people who reinvent themselves as a character. Ziggy Stardust, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson. I’m not a fan of Gaga’s music, but I enjoy her character.


    I`m convinced that Lady Gaga IS Marilyn Manson, aka Brian Warner from Akron, Ohio.


    I had a fucking epiphany for a second there, Demon. then I asked my wife if she’s ever seen the two of them together. She produced an image a few seconds later via google of them recording a track together in a studio. I’m still not convinced. 😛


    He sucks at painting too

    Amanda Smith

    Are there any real artists attributing to this conversation or is this all subjective nonsense? As an actual artist who uses these mediums on a daily basis, good or bad is a point of view. The fact that this artwork got you talking is probably more meaningful then the actual conversations you’re making about this artwork.