Peter Graves Dead At 83

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Television and movie star Peter Graves died at his home of an apparent heart attack yesterday at the age of 83.
Graves had just returned from brunch with his wife and kids and collapsed before he made it into the house, Brokaw said. One of his daughters administered CPR but was unable to revive him. Graves’ family doctor visited the house and believed he had a heart attack…

Of course he was great in the Airplane! movies, but my favorite character is James Phelps in the original Mission: Impossible.


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    “Joey, have you ever been in a… in a Turkish prison?”

    I am not looking forward to a sequel from last years “Celebrities Dying in Rapid Succession”, the first one sucked and this year is already in production.

    Maybe if they made it into a musical …


    Looks like Peter
    is in the Graves


    Dude, commendable Horatio, but I think this guy deserved better …

    Who the hell am I kidding, that practically wrote itself, damn it.


    Didn’t know he was still alive.

    fracked again

    No, it isn’t Peter Graves! [tries to pull off rubber mask] Oh, it is him…

    Sorry to disturb you all during the funeral. My condolences.


    Roger, Roger. What’s your vector, victor?

    Ever seen a grown man naked?

    Sorry, RIP Mr. Graves.

    This comment will self destruct in 10 seconds….


    Good morning, Jim.

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