Index Score Windows 7?

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Does anyone know what would be the best way (based on the image) to increase my index score? I’m running an HP Pavilion Elite m9400f Desktop. 8 gig ram. PCI express graphics card (but built in for shared memory)

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    Did you click on the tips link? I am sure you hate me for asking, but I am anyway, so did you?

    Turn off extra visual features that you do not care for.


    turn off aero and if it dosent incress its time to step up to a 5770/ and or 260 or up lmao i have a 5970 and i only get a 7.8 >_>

    Mario G

    I have the same system and i was thinking about upgrading the graphics card as well and i came across your post.What I wanted to know does 5970 fit just fine in there and would i need to swap out the power supplies.right now my system is all original with the original power supplies 350W ?? thanks in advance..


    Obviously the massive suck contained by integrated graphics is your problem. Pick up an ATI 5830 or better and you’ll be much much better off. You hard drive is the next lowest according to the score, but with out an SSD or RAID array of some sort your score for that probably won’t go up too much even with a HD with more cache or less platters or anything like that. If you have a 5400 RPM drive though, kick that bitch to the curb and replace it with a 7200 RPM drive.


    Actually I have a 300GB Velociraptor HD as my OS drive and I have a 5.9 for HD. So yeah, that confirms my previous (need an SSD or RAID config) statement.


    This is not a tech support forum.


    Is this a new or existing complaint?


    Your index score always caps at your lowest component, which in this case is your graphics. The index is telling you that you need a graphics card. But then, you’ll be capped by your HDD, so you need an SSD to get above that. Not really needed though, just get a damn graphics card.

    Recommend ATI 4670 if you are poor. My 4670 gives me 6.8


    Really? 6.8? W7 must be retarded then cause my 4850X2 gets me a 6.9…


    lol I have a 3870 and 3850 in crossfire and I get a 6.9 too.


    yep, win7 prolly fked up somewhere


    my 3DMarks are only about 13-14k


    It’s a store bought pc so it most likely has a weak power supply. The graphics cards the others recommended are good but require a better psu so you’ll have to upgrade. Problem is that some pc makers use custom sizes so the one you buy aftermarket won’t fit.

    casemods UID# 667

    Obviously your graphics card.

    Get GDDR5 1gb 256bit


    Store bought PC = fail.

    Shove in a couple of 5850s or something. Then your HDD is the score bottleneck – get the Intel Gen 2 SSD or a couple and put them in Raid 0.

    My scores are 7.5, 7.8, 7.7, 7.7, 7.3.

    casemods UID# 667

    Store bought pc’s are simple and are in no way less quality. They are in fact higher quality and provide simplicity with one warranty for ALL components.

    How does it feel having to buy separate warranties for each of your computers hardware?

    Grow up and get over the “hur dur pre-builts are for noobs” fanboy shit kid.


    Your graphic card is bad, you need to upgrade it. As a rule of a thumb, integrated GPU and shared graphic memory always sucks.
    As other said, will probably need a new power supply to.
    8GB RAM is still almost useless to me, and SSDs aren’t worth their prices imo.

    casemods UID# 667

    Integrated graphics work fine unless you play recent games or do graphic design or want to watch blue ray movies or something.

    I can play CS:S and BF2 – and even crysis but it lags too much to play – on this integrated graphics.

    Newer motherboards have much more dedicated to the integrated graphics now.

    It uses more of your CPU, but that’s only a problem with older systems with single cores.


    You can also “photoshop” the screenshot. It will increase your index score to a any level you want to, and it will be based on the image.

    casemods UID# 667

    Why would you care what people on the internet thought? Sounds pretty lame to me.


    totally inaccurate index, but you should get a discrete graphics card anyway, because they are soooo much better… I recomment ati hd5670, has low power consumption and very good performances, in both games and bizniz. and you have a chance to find it in a very quiet version, like the sapphire version.

    PS: this is not a support forum 🙂

    casemods UID# 667

    What specs does that card have? Recommending a specific card model is redundant.

    You should help people learn what makes a good card so they can make an informed decision.

    GDDR5, 256bit, and 1gb of vram on card would be recommended.

    Also, the memory bandwidth should be looked into, as well as the pixel/texture fill rates


    People are often ignorant in fat of pc’s and hardware, and get annoyed from technical data… If you want to trust me, good for you, if you don’t then GTFO of my way.


    I don’t want this to sound bad, but if you can’t see what the lowest scoring item is on that list then I wouldn’t fancy your chances on fitting the hardware successfully to improve it.


    8 gigs of RAM… and the memory score is 7.2? Shouldn’t that be, like, 10.0? Can Windows 7 benefit from MORE than 8 gigs? I still use XP though so I dunno what I’m talking about.


    Running quite a few virtual machines uses that up, or large phsyical simulations.

    Max score on this test is 8.0 btw. Memory score tests the speed as well as size – sounds like he’s running dual channel, not trichannel.

    casemods UID# 667

    Might be poor timings of the ram, or low MHz


    Mine’s 5.5 with everything max’d.


    Mine’s at 5.9, with both graphics and hard drive being the lowest numbers (but gaming graphics is 6.4? WTF?). Considering the hard drive is a 1.5 TB Western Digital Green Caviar, 7200 RPM, it’s not going up anytime soon. And both processor and RAM are at 6.8 (Q6600 and 6 gigs, dual channel). I can’t bitch.


    I have a core i7 940 and 6GB of DDR3 1600 in trichannel and my proc and memory scores are both 7.5

    That’s for stock clocked on both, I never ran the windows experience index when it was overclocked. I don’t know if windows does anything more than read the information on the chip of how fast it’s supposed to be or if it actually tests it or uses the current speed.

    casemods UID# 667

    CPU is 4.7
    RAM is 5.4
    graphics are 2.0 (integrated)
    gaming is 3.0
    hard disk 5.4


    CPU is 5.5
    RAM is 6.7
    graphics are 1.8 (dedicated 256mb)
    gaming is 3.0
    hard disk 5.5

    my friend jason has a 3.1 on his experience(vista64)…


    I lol’d, I get 5.5 an I use a Macbook.