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    tiki god

    oh the humanity!



    I’m sure there’s gotta be a better pic showing how “horrible” censorship is. The caption for this particular picture should simply be

    “CENSORSHIP: It’s pointless.”


    “CENSORSHIP: It’s a known topic of controversy, perfect for someone with my level of teenage angst to sink my teeth into. The above picture shows that I know nothing about what really makes censorship bad, I just want the internets to think I’m badass and/or intelectual.”

    I guess they didn’t have room for all of that, though, so this will do…


    Are you sure you’re not overthinking this one, Didyimis?

    fracked again

    Shit. They covered up the best parts of the ship.


    Censorship makes me cry louder than the girls in Japanese porno 🙁

    casemods UID# 667

    Making this a legit discussion:

    Most people in a civilized society WANT bad things censored so that their kids don’t see it.

    All you basement dweller weird fucks need to realize that most of the world is normal – well, think the people that are outside – they are normal compared to you.

    fracked again

    You know what would be funny? If we voted your comment down so that it couldn’t be seen.


    Must be sailing to Australia


    i c wat u did ther n lol’d


    This now makes me want to play “Companions of Xanth”.


    Aboard the Good Ship Venus
    You really should have seen us
    With a figurehead of a whore in bed
    and a mast of a phallic genus


    this must be a butt-pirate ship

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