FFXI Photorealistic Desktops

dhalmelwall.jpg (242 KB)

gooberwall.jpg (315 KB)

jormywall.jpg (198 KB)

raptorwall.jpg (264 KB)

A set of 4 mashups from a dying MMORPG.

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    A dying franchise is more like it, amirite?!?!


    I dunno, considering how horribly lowest-common-denominator FFXIII looks, I doubt they’re going to stop making this pulp any time soon.


    Not by a longshot. The MMO, however, was horrible. Horrible control/UI scheme, insane grind, lack of variety in enemies, fucking SIXTEEN HOUR FIGHTS to kill a single boss…. Why in god’s name was the fucking game so popular?


    I guess it’s just me being bored to death just seeing the name then.

    tiki god

    it’s too bad the game never looked even remotely like this, lol


    I tried playing this once… Downloaded a few gigs of shit which then refused to run properly and spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to create a fucking account. Then I was like, fuck this if I want generic fantasy grindiness I’ll play WoW. So I did. Now the only accomplishment I can name out of my 8 months of unemployment is that I have 5 level 80s. Still trying to decide if that’s a good thing or not…


    And I bet your latest character reached level 80 killing only boars.


    AgZed you are a winner. Keep winning at life.


    A set of 4 mashups from a *dead MMORPG.