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Powers: Karkas possesses various superhuman attributes apart from his superhuman strength. His thick hide can withstand concussive forces up to those of a small anti-tank missile before sustaining serious injury. His recuperative powers are about twice that of human beings. His speed and reflexes, however, are only about 75 percent of the average human male.

Abilities: Karkas has great learning abilities and total recall. His particular intellectual interest is philosophy.

Strength level: Karkas possesses superhuman strength, enabling him to lift (press) about 25 tons. Karkas has not yet attained adulthood; hence, his strength may further increase in coming years.

Weaknesses: Karkas’ lack of an opposable thumb prevents him from utilizing many ordinary tools.

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    This is the result from the geniuses at Marvel putting long hours of creativity together.


    They really shouldnt have drawn that opposable thumb, it just confuses the readers. Backstory: Colossus fucked The Thing up the ass, and 9 months later this little guy fell out of his crack

    tiki god

    shit, his legs do look like colossus’s