John Wayne

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Great American, or Greatest American? Either way, politics aside he was still one hell of a great actor, spokesman, and patriot. We need more people leading our country like this.

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    HEAR HEAR!!!!!!

    Insanely Rational

    “we need more people leading our country like this.”

    Well, yeah, we certainly could use more men named Marion.

    (John Wayne’s real name was Marion Robert Morrison.)


    Lung cancer.For the lose.


    mmmmm, No. In an interview with Playboy magazine published on May 1, 1971, Wayne made several controversial remarks about race and class in the United States. The interview became a hot topic and many stores had trouble keeping the issue in stock.[37] He noted that, as someone living in the 20th century, he was not responsible for the way people who lived one hundred years before him had treated Native Americans, stating: I don’t feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them if that’s what you’re asking. Our so called stealing of this country was just… Read more »


    A flawed man, who loved his country, flaws and all. John Wayne is the embodiment of my nations deep seated difficulties in wrestling with its’ less than savory past history. Many of us long to look backwards towards the (fictional) certitude and righteousness we must certainly have had back in the 50s, when everything was wonderful (unless you were non-white, Catholic, Jewish, handicapped, a non-conformist, or gay). Others dive headfirst into acknowledging our flaws and constantly want to hold ourselves accountable for failing to meet the impossible benchmark of perfection (see above Mr. Wayne’s many flaws). The truth, of course,… Read more »


    The basic point is that people who laud Wayne as some kind of pinnacle need to stop it, because that’s not just idealism it’s out-and-out fantasy. He had a lot of rough edges that when you saw in less famous individuals would make you sick. I appreciate his contribution to film, as a character actor, but not as an individual or as some kind of icon; there’s really just not anything there. He had very strong opinions, but he was also in an advantaged position to voice them and not be blacklisted or anything. The Duke was a great Western… Read more »


    On that, we agree.


    Great Actor!!! You gotta be kidding, he was a crap actor, wooden and soulless. The only part he could play was the persona of John Wayne which he played in every role he had.


    and that is a fact.


    One could say the same of Burt Reynolds or Clint Eastwood; it doesn’t change that I enjoyed nearly everyone of their films.


    Lead the country? His job was pretending to be other people.

    Your mommy told you that movies were just pretend right?


    lol reagan

    Ductile Logistics

    First off, sad to say but your economy is crum because of the conservative government you had before. Economic changes take time, they don’t just happen when a black man enters the whitehouse.

    John wayne is the shit though, and we do need more men like him nowadays. Not because he was politically correct, but because if you told him he was wrong, he’d sock you in the teeth. Kids now-a-days aren’t looking up to men like him, instead they have twilight and harry potter…


    John Wayne.

    Eh, something tells me of an actor who can only play one character all his life. That he wasn’t acting at all. Which is both good and disturbingly sad at the same time.

    Alexis Rose

    Every time I see a picture of him I think of my Grandma who has Alzheimers. She was starting to go downhill already when it happened. We were in a flea market somewhere around town probably about 13 years ago and she saw a clock with John Wayne on it and she said “Oh look its John Wayne, he’s still alive, isn’t he?”


    Got lung cancer from either smoking or shooting a film downwind of a nuclear test site (on which some ridiculous % of the cast & crew came down with cancer)…depends on who you ask.

    “It took a nuke to kill the Duke”


    I enjoy John Wayne Westerns! Hondo is one of his best. As for them all being the same…I hear the same argument over AC/DC…I, for one, don’t want to hear AC/DC do a “slow jam” any more than I want to see John Wayne break a formula that works. Now, his person opinions in Playboy…at least he has his own opinions not some pant washing illusions about life. I don’t feel any guiltier about black slavery than I do about the MILLION WHITE SLAVES held in bondage at the same time in history by North Africans and Turkish owner who… Read more »


    If you really want to know what people like John Wayne would do if they were in charge, watch The Green Berets, one of the plain dumbest movies ever made, and which was a vanity project for the Duke; he bought the book, directed, and his son produced. It is a piece of cinematic dross. Wayne was just fine as an actor, but he needed people who knew what the hell they were doing to be in charge – like John Ford and John Huston.