Plasma Hand washer.

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Room Temperature plasma. I’d like one of these boxes just so i could yell SCIENCE! every single time i needed to clean my hands!

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    i wanna put my dick in it

    Kik Dogg

    you wanna put your dick in everything




    dick in a box ^_^

    Maxwell Edison

    What’s in the box?



    You’ve inspired me to read Dune again. Cheers!


    The box looks like the black pain simulation box from Dune. I want it too so I can pretend I’m Paul Atreides.


    Word; I hit the comments to add that it needs to come with a Gom Jabbar.


    Are you suggesting a Duke’s son is an animal?

    Maxwell Edison

    See above.


    From the folds of her gown, she lifted a green metal cube about fifteen centimeters on a side. She turned it and Paul saw that one side was open – black and oddly frightening. Paul slowly put his hand into the box. He first felt a sense of cold as the blackness closed around his hand, then slick metal against his fingers and a prickling as though his hand were asleep…
    “What’s in the box?”

    “Pain.” He felt increased tingling in his hand, pressed his lips tightly together. How could this be a test? he wondered. The tingling became an itch… The itch became the faintest burning… It mounted slowly: heat upon heat upon heat… . The burning! The burning! He thought he could feel skin curling black on that agonized hand, the flesh crisping and dropping away until only charred bones remained.

    It stopped! As though a switch had been turned off, the pain stopped… “Take your hand from the box, young human, and look at it.” He fought down an aching shiver, stared at the lightless void where his hand seemed to remain of its own volition. Memory of pain inhibited every movement. Reason told him he would withdraw a blackened stump from that box. “Do it!” she snapped. He jerked his hand from the box, stared at it astonished. Not a mark. No sign of agony on the flesh. He held up the hand, turned it, flexed the fingers. “Pain by nerve induction,” she said. “Can’t go around maiming potential humans. There’re those who’d give a pretty for the secret of this box, though.”

    also, Khrone, the Face Dancer leader, tried to use pain boxes to awaken the Baron Harkonnen ghoula. except it didn’t work. so he put one on each of the Baron’s hands and feet. Khrone even built a full body pain box, but all it did was give the ghoula a boner.


    actually, the more i think about it, the pain boxes gave him the boner, and the full body box actually plunged him into a state of no outside stimulus, at all. and this is what woke the Baron up

    fracked again

    Thank you. It drives me crazy that so few people read Herbert.


    Also, why is it that the only picture of it where we can tell that it’s turned on has a dude wearing a thick rubber glove? You’re not convincing me of it’s safety.


    i concur, how is gonna wash his hand with that glove on?


    It’s a rubber hand, dummy.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Plasma just means that’s its an ionized gas. Most gasses ionize at extremely high temperatures, but a few are can be ionized at room temperature with some tricks.

    Also, this probably isn’t a cleaning device. Plamsa ionization is a developing technique for detecting certain trace chemicals (like drugs or explosives) directly from a surface.


    Actually reboot, it IS a cleaning device. I read about it a week or so ago, complete with latex-glove pic.


    Kind of the next logical step. Like they’ve started using ozone to sanitize swimming pools instead of chlorine because it is less toxic and degrades quicker if there is an industrial spill. I’m guessing ionized gas is even safer, as once it dissipates the ionization energy, it becomes whatever inert gas it was originally. makes sense, that they can do it is awesome, however!

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Glad to see the Muad Dweebs have already hit the thread.


    i lol’d


    So uh … yeah .. that first pic is totally shopped.

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