Evolution Disclaimers

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Some of them kinda-irked me. But still i think most of them were spot on.

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    who is supposed to move to canada? we dont want texas people here


    If I was still in school, I would be putting these on my “science” books!


    i cant believe i read almost all of them. sidenote : why do we spend so much time arguing about completely unprovable beliefs? isnt religious debate kind of like ..ok i spent a minute looking for a stupid enough metaphore but i just realised there isnt one


    Religious debate is like a room full of kids trying to prove their imaginary friend is not only the best of the lot but also the only one that is actually real.


    Not saying I’m anti-evolution, I’m just an analytical chemist, but Gravity is a law of nature, it is provable. Just because you can’t see gravity, doesn’t make it a theory. If that was the case, then mass would be a theory, because you can’t see it. Einstein had a “theory of gravity” and then proved it… years and years ago.

    Btw, Evolution is a theory because you have a collection of observations that point to the idea, however rock solid it may be. But it is not reproducible, nor directly observable, like gravity. Ergo, it is a theory.


    Correction: Newton had a “theory of gravity,” not Einstein.

    Its been a while.

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