Crab Tank

motivatord8331f96207a7bc93a356fb983421846f41d04cf.jpg (86 KB)

Marine Assault Breaching Vehicle.

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    wake up, put rag on head. Pray to allah. Pick up rusty II WW rifle, walk out of cave.

    see this
    wat do?


    use rifle to chip away at cave wall
    throw rocks


    fly a plane into it?


    also curious as to what the hell is next to it


    The Batman Begins version of the Batmobile? With a black parachute attached? IDFK.

    casemods UID# 667

    Kinda un-related, but does anyone know some black tank looking thing like the black tank thing in the back ground that was apparently on some show on TV?

    The kid was climbing out of it. Not sure if it was a bike or not but it was completely sealed from water (something I want to do to I can ride my bike any time/day


    Congratulations. Your tower has found God.


    Pft. This is hardly impressive. If you want something that can make Taliban shit their pants or tunics or dresses or whatever the fuck they wear, do a video search for “Trojan Top Gear” or just watch Top Gear season 13 episode 4. The Trojan simply owns any other vehicle ever made. Period.


    The Taliban have John Rambo fighting with them. I reckon he could probably fuck up a crab tank.