Fishmen greet the Google-Mobile

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Viking frogmen chase Street View spymobile
Google enjoys a traditional Norwegian welcome
Posted in Bootnotes, 10th February 2010 13:19 GMT

Last weekend saw the launch of Google’s privacy-busting Street View in Norway, and it didn’t take long for locals to spot a traditional Viking welcome for the Great Satan of Mountain View’s spymobile on the streets of Bergen:

This entertaining spectacle has prompted Norwegian paper Aftenposten to not unreasonably ask “Who’s chasing Google with fish spears?”

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    clearly waiting for the google mobile to drive by


    i’ve just checked it. they are still there. Epic! How can I know if they are coming to my st?


    Ever tried running in flippers? I hope they did some stretching after the sprint, otherwise their shins’ll be in total agony.


    Doesn’t matter. Had lulz.