The Future of Film and Gaming

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    oh nice, lookin really good til the very end when they spell it “charkter”

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    No way are recreational brain implants or any human level AI going to happen in 10 years. Not even close.


    orgasm by email, and they putted it below base case… fuck, that would be a revolution!


    Yeah, but then how many people would stop doing anything but just e-mailing themselves?

    Wow, porn spam would be a lot more effective.


    All of the things that are supposed to happen in a year won’t happen in a year. I don’t know who pulled all this stuff out their ass, but they pulled too hard.


    2045: We hit the technological singularity.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    We’ll almost certainly deplete critical resources and descend into Mad Max style anarchy we get there. Which is cool with me.

    Luke Magnifico

    Can’t fucking wait, man.


    Yeah, either is cool with me.




    Even the best cases are fucking stupid… you can tell this was made in about 2004.


    What’s funny is that most of the worst-case predictions have already occurred. 🙂

    Audiences are already used to violence, and have been for MANY decades (at least here in the US).

    Online Game addiction has been seen as a national problem in some nations. Vietnam actually has laws limiting the number of hours people can play now because of the issue.

    Some crazy nut “married” the female character in a NDS game a couple months back.


    Engrish ftw

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