New Toyota Ad

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    I lol’d

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Humor win, spelling fail.


    Where, exactly, is the spelling fail? All I see is a missing apostrophe.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Failing to properly place the apostrophe is a spelling error…or a punctuation error if you want to be pedantic about it.


    On the news last night, a guy who was in prison for killing a family driving 75-90mph is being released because they now believe (and the man claimed all along) that his accelerator stuck and he was trying to break but he couldn’t stop. His car was a Toyota and it happened in 1996. This is very bad for Toyota.
    Can you imagine spending years in jail; he said he was starting to second guess himself.


    Wow. I should make sure I’m actually awake when I try to form coherent thoughts into sentences.


    Awesome take on their slogan. I had to copy fellow Toyota owners on this one. I’m sure I’ve missed out on plenty debate, but I would think and hope that this particular issue would be averted by putting the vehicle in Neutral. The gear selector SHOULD slide from “D” into “N” without needing to disengage any locking mechanism. If it were a manual just push in the clutch. I understand in the panic of the moment these things can be overlooked and the fault would still fall on the manufacture of the equipment. Still, we own 3 Toyota’s and have… Read more »


    True, throwing the tranny in neutral is the obvious solution. The problem is that it’s not anyone’s fist reaction; stepping on the brakes is. By the time you realize something is very wrong, you’ve accelerated to 70-90mph and can cross a football field by the time you try to put it in neutral. Now that the problem is well known, hopefully some people will react faster…especially if you own a Toyota.


    Also, my truck has a manual tranny and I automatically put it in neutral when stopping. I assume that’s what most people do w/ a standard tranny, but if someone doesn’t ever drive w/ a standard, they’d never think of putting the tranny in neutral.


    I’ve heard about this problem for over 12 years or so. The Toyota execs should all go to jail for a long long time.


    Why not just turn off the fucking motor if you aren’t smart enough to put it in neutral? And what vehicle (TOYOTA FFS) accelerates so fast from ANYTHING to 90mph before you have time to react??

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