Awesomest Playground Fight Ever

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Who would win?

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    Luke Magnifico

    Bear kid would win.


    fuck you. christopher robin is a big fucking pussy compared to calvin. and that Poohbear is a huge fucking overstatement. even if he was that large, Winnie obviously has down syndrome or severe retardation. he’s a total dipshit. i might give the edge to tigger over hobbes, but only because tigger is a closet meth addict and has that fucking tail. and he’s not even in the picture, WTF?

    hobbes and calvin are clearly the moar devious and competent minds here, and any true debate of this topic is a losing battle for anyone who sides against calvin or hobbes. pooh and his fag friend get their asses kicked all over the hundred acre woods any day of the week.


    ‘Zactly my thoughts. There is no way Pooh is taking Hobbes.


    Calvin has Tyrannosaurs in f-14’s,a trasmogrifier gun, a time machine, a snowman monster army, political backing from martians (remember he was earths ambassador when martians were looking for real estate) , AND HE IS ALSO SPACEMAN FUCKING SPIFF. So if hobbes loses he can practically level the hundred acre wood during a winter strike (while Winnie is supposed to be hibernating) and can turn gopher, rabbit, tigger,Eeyore, piglet and owl into mealworms. Of course he would probably have the tyrannosaurs just bomb the shit out of it first.


    isnt christopher robin a brit, and calvin american? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    but yeah nate yallz right.

    Kik Dogg

    they definitely fight dirtier


    Same here. The bear’s been wandering the woods, eating honey and talking to rabbits. The tiger’s been playing CalvinBall. Which one do you think is going to lead to a tougher animal?


    No matter who wins…we lose.

    casemods UID# 667

    The bear, look how fucking big it is.

    He wasn’t that big in the cartoon…but here, he will win.


    what the fuck ever. look at the massive tail on hobbes. he’s gonna throat rape that fucking bear with it.

    Winnie the Shit


    that is an oddly large tail. and for some reason that girl is holding on to it.


    what a slut.


    Do you even have to ask? Winnie the Pooh’s gonna get fucking owned.

    Jesus Christ

    Hobbes is going to maul him.


    Hobbes is going to fuck up that honey bear.




    I want to go with Hobbes, but one mus never underestimate the retard strength of a bear. I really don’t want to think about it, so I am going to say they get bored of fighting and go pick on Suzie and Piglet the rest of the day.



    “oh, bother… it seems i’ve got my head stuck in this hunny jar again.”


    I’m going to be the dissenting opinion here. Three things to consider. He’s obviously a very large example of a Kodiak or Polar Bear, which means he could weigh ~3000 lbs, compared to Hobbes maxing out around ~900 lbs. A name like “Winnie” and a yellow coat of fur virtually guarantees he was picked on as a cub. He’s obviously a bit slow too.

    Roll this together and throw a red vest on it and you have a ton and a half of nerd rage filled retard strength powered brawler!


    so in other words, whinnie is fat and has retard strength.
    still no contest.


    Calvin’s got a transmogrifier, a ‘C’ bomb and a secret mix of slush ice, debris dirt, etc…snowballs, .


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