Bathroom X ross contest entry

1267422383240.png (811 KB)

I hope I win

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    I don’t understand exactly what’s going on in this picture, but it seems to say

    “when I paint my bathroom with premium, behr paint, I wear sunglasses. Because I’m a douche.”


    I just entered the contest, I hope I win too…that would be awesome 😀


    Is this spam?
    If so I hope tiki bans you.


    Tiki enjoys a good Troll. Worry not, my friends, his douchebaggery will see him banned once again.


    I’m just gonna go shoplift there right now. Then I will feel superior to you, and your dreadful hoopla


    i’m actually wondering what’s in graham’s fridge. i wonder if that’s where his mom is


    This is not spam, this is trolling, and I approve. Casemods at least recognizes that pictures of himself will only cause raging to ensue, right cmods?


    exactly what I thought. Good job Casemods!


    Who wants to bet that during the shopping spree, he will steal at least three items?


    This has to be photoshopped. We all know his moms house isnt this clean.


    Casemods is both a mystery in terms of what motivates him and the undoubtedly most disgusting entity in all the internets.

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