Superman And Batman

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this would make one hell of a movie, right? it’s too bad that dc can’t get their shit together like Marvel apparently is going to do with their Avengers movies.

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    Maybe if the latest Superman movie hadn’t been complete shit, Christopher Nolan would’ve considered the possibility. All we have right now is the franchises reenacting the fight from “The Dark Knight Returns” in which Batman puts on Kryptonite gauntlets and proceeds to pummel Supes into the ground.


    Superman Returns was as good as a Superman would’ve been.

    Unless you turn Superman into an all-out smashfest like The Incredible Hulk (which people couldn’t decide whether to hate or love either) it won’t be interesting. Even then, it might not even work.


    I think pairing up the Dark Knight with the goddamned whitebread boy scout would make a horrible movie….


    Agreed. They’re totally different characters.



    No good comes from Superman. Only cliche, shit plots about commies and a potential atomic bomb.


    Why is Batman’s cape more erect?


    The wind is blowing in two different directions, apparently.


    Have sex


    Batman vs. Spawn movie would be epic.. This.. Not so much…


    i’m having doubts in the avengers movie


    Warner Brothers owns DC Comics. It doesn’t give a shit about comics other than mining characters for movies. DC has no say in how the characters will get used. The blame belongs with WB suits.

    On the other hand, Disney just bought Marvel Comics. Marvel’s recent success was because they had their own studio. Don’t think the Mouse isn’t going to get involved with that. So it is wait and see what they do with it.


    I seriously have doubt’s about the Avenger’s movie.. it’s still a few years off anyway, With so many great characters on screen at once it will be hard for them to get their shit together on that.. we all know how Spider-man 3 worked out with putting to many characters in at once..

    If the rumors are true about the next Supe’s movie.. I’m excited for that.. finally a movie where Lex Luthor’s Real Estate scam isn’t the main plot.