Water Bear

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Water bears, also known as tardigrades, can survive boiling, freezing, the vacuum of space and years of dessication. They are microscopic, water-dwelling, segmented animals with eight legs.

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    Mmmm… possibility of life on another planet in the solar system… mmm…


    YOU are the life on another planet in the solar system


    Oh yeah…


    Till I punch you in your face.


    Someone should circumcise that thing.


    lol tardigrades


    These things are goddamn amazing! found out about them recently, and have been looking for more info ever since. They can survive in almost any conditions, and are literally found everywhere on earth. From pole to equator, on mountains and at the bottom of the ocean. You can freeze them, scald them, leave them in OUTER FUCKING SPACE and they just pop right back up when you give them a little water. And they are animals. They have a brain, muscles, all that stuff. Tiny, eight legged, indestructible animals. And they walk like cute bears. How sweet is that? Tardigrades… Read more »


    So….if you dessicate it with diatomaceous earth, and then rehydrate, it bringing it back to life….is it a Retardigrade?


    So….if you desiccate it with diatomaceous earth (or other desiccation), and then re hydrate it, bringing it back to life….is it a Retardigrade?