New Transformers Game

War_for_Cybertron_004.jpg (166 KB)

This looks promising. Got this from Topless Robot, forget where they got it.

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    tiki god

    man, this game looks so good


    a transformers game looking good… what a joke


    Is it based on the movie characters or the tv show?


    As far as I can tell it is takes place before the Bay, but might not be completely true to the original cartoons. It does, however, look pretty badass:


    BowToMe is pretty much right. As far as I can tell it might not fit in exactly with Generation 1 Transformers, but seems to be inspired the most by G1. I also seem some inspiration from some of the later series, specifically the “Unicron Trilogy,” and the most recent Transformers: Animated (struck down before it’s time).

    Anyway, as a long time Transformers fan, I think this looks fantastic. I hope it lives up to the looks as far as gameplay.


    New game play trailer:


    That scan is from GameInformer Issue 201, the did a feature article on the game in development. It’s a prequel, covering the War of Cybertron. It sounds like High Moon (development studio) is off to a good start, but I’ll wait to see how it plays before I pass final judgement.