Clark Gable is teh sex

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No…really, he is.

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    frankly, ny okki, i dont give a damn


    Oh but I give a damn! A shiny damn. Dime. It’s the moustache and look on his face, I could look at it all day.


    Excuse me, i’m just gonna go trim my mustache so it looks like his.

    Kik Dogg

    We have been in agreement about this since I was eight.


    He’s got that Pepe Le Pew confidence.

    (“Ze corned beef does not run from ze cabbage . . .”)


    Ah… back in the days when good acting was synonymous to rearranging your eyebrows in ineffable ways and talking with a cigar in your mouth!


    also, he looks pretty shortstacked right now. he’s pot committed, and if he doesnt win this hand, he’s most likely out of the game


    You appear to have erroneously used the 1st conditional in this sentence. There is no ‘if’, he will win because he is all the sex.


    Betty Davis had a nickname for Clark Cable… it was “Stinky Dick”… because he was uncut and didn’t keep it clean. Didn’t stop her from shagging him though.


    James Dean
    is the sex
    Clark Gable never striked me as sexy.