huge grasshopper near the light

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    Gorgeous insect, my absolute favourite next to the praying mantis.




    Is that a locust maybe? If so, it’s considered Kosher. I have no idea why, nor do I remember how I found that out.


    I was going to say this is a grasshopper, and therefore similar to a locust, but its possible to the Hebrew of the time, they would not know the difference. So I looked up the explanation of a locust being kosher, and it turns out not all are. They had a list of four colored locust species which are admissible, but knowing which ones are okay is nearly impossible. They apparently have gone two ways on this. The first, which is followed by most Ashkenazic Orthodox Jews, is to just forbid all locusts to avoid mistakes. The second, The Halachah… Read more »


    But… but… how can this be true after all my work on a locust-based bacon substitute?

    Years of my life… wasted!!

    fracked again

    Thats what I love about Fundie Jewish people. They spend so much time figuring out how to cheat god out of enforcing his rules. Its like Muslims marrying a hooker for an hour, or Xians being able to do anything as long as they tell themselves that they are sorry, but the fights over whether walking in front of an automatic light on the sabbath is work or not is just hi fucking sterical.