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The Darkwatch badge, an e-tape laptop with a horrid representation of M[C]S loaded, Awesome Smiley, Riku’s Soul Eater, a Smash Ball, Iron Man, Ness, and Pyramid Head’s Helmet

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    Luke Magnifico



    nice. representing the >12 demographic. nice


    I’m pretty sure you mean <12 (less than twelve) ?


    I definitely less than twelve this picture.


    I have no idea what’s going on.


    actually, you cant tell from drawings how old a person is, but you can tell when they stopped drawing. if i draw a horse it will be obvious i stopped drawing when i was 7.


    I’m going to just go ahead and go with 15 on this one.


    You guys are a bunch of haterz. I’m guessing this very talented submission was supposed to be for Theme Day.
    I give him an E for Effort and a gold star…if I knew how to make a gold star…which I don’t…so…ummm…yeah…

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